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Grad Teatar Festival in Budva, Montenegro

Milutin Obradovic will present in Budva fifteen works of art created during the last two years.

With cheerful wedding horses, the proud, festively decorated Pegasus, a mythical creature, is anchored in many previous, as well as in the newest Obradovic’s canvases. As a wonderful symbol of masculine strength and power, it becomes the basic element of all his compositional settings, whether it is concerned with the noble visage of its head, powerful jaw, sensual nostrils, sensitive eyes, or the whole body in strong tension. In this very encouraging, stooped neck and elongated skull, which occupies two thirds of the treated surface, Obradović, by painting and drawing, permanently writes numerous intimate tellings and his own deep emotional states. He has an irresistible need to build the most wonderful, his own visual saga of love, suffering, longing and eternal unrest with his powerful energetic potential, with the help of numerous biological and zoomorphic symbols and various object.

When we inspect more deeply Obradovic’s technical and technological process, we can see few characteristic phases. On prepared linen canvas Obradovic applies neutral modeling paste, so as to plastically make the treated plane playful. After a short period of drying, he does the colour layering with liquid chromatic material, which he then partly removes from the surface with a spatula. On this kind of rustic-chromatic base, guided by numerous associative contents, but also by an intuitive-reflexive impulse, Obradovic skillfully paints heterogeneous symbolic assemblage. Many birds, fish, fruits and vegetables, numbers and letters are present along with jagged ornamentation. Then, there are individual, paired, or mutually entwined humanoid or zoomorphic miniature figures in some kind of animal communication. Simply, one can feel some kind of great talkativeness and hidden narration. Obradovic permanently does, with partial imprinting as well as with meticulous painting, significant chromatic enriching of all of his luxurious scenes. A complete register of warm tones is on here, the atmosphere is mature, and only individual, shrill and cold chords sometimes make a dark and contrapuntal sound.

Scenes of powerful content
All the explicates of this current figurative-romanticizing display, are baroquely playful to crescendo. Every individual scene reflects an enormous amount of energetic charge. Obradovic’s really richly painted central substratum, wisely presented mostly on brighter background, but the ones applied on darker background seem quite powerful as well. Recent body of work in visual arts by Milutin Obradovic surely is on an upward trajectory, it is expected that it will transform in phases, stream and further develop in a positive manner.


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